OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

2021- Two mares leased at OakenHeart

We are happy to add two leased mares to our herd this season!

Full Lippitt Juhasz Liberty is here courtesy of Susie Clapper has been successfully bred to full Lippitt stallion River Riders Riddler (The Red) for a 2022 full Lippitt foal. 

Foundation Morgan Simpletonjemimapuddleduck (Gemma) is on lease to us from Echo Valley Morgans for this year and has been bred to Marana Olympus. Hoping for a colorful HPF foal in 2022. 

7/15/20 OakenHeart RiverOfDreams sells to Allegan, MI

OakenHeart RiverOfDreams has sold to Julie Kragt of Allegan, MI. River will make the journey to his new home in September after weaning, where he will be used for breeding and riding. Congratulations Julie!

7/15/20 OakenHeart Royal Occasion sells to Cibolo, TX

OakenHeart Royal Occasion has been sold to Elaine McIntyre of Tindo Morgans in Cibolo, Texas. "Friday" as she is affectionately known will be weaned at 6 months and journey with us to Elaine's home to begin her new life. Congratulations Elaine!

1/22/21 OakenHeart Flame and Fury sells to Breeding, Kentucky

Denise Shrewsbury is a breeder of Welsh Ponies and has always wanted a black Morgan. She is excited to be the new owner of OakenHeart Flame and Fury. She intends to train Fury as her personal riding horse. Fury will be leaving for his new home at the end of February. Congratulations Denise!