OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

Kentucky Proud


Kentucky Proud stands for foods, nursery items, crafts, agritourism sites, farmers' markets, state parks, and many other products and destinations with roots in Kentucky soil. Kentucky Proud foods are raised, grown, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians. You can serve Kentucky Proud foods to your family with the confidence that they came from your friends and neighbors just down the road — not from thousands of miles away. When you buy a product with the Kentucky Proud label: You are buying the freshest, most nutritious food possible. You are keeping your dollars close to home. You are helping a Kentucky farm family earn a living. You are reducing the miles that the food has to travel from the farm to your plate. Look for the Kentucky Proud logo at your favorite grocery, restaurant, or farmers' market.

The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry


The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc. will provide registry services via genetic testing, and maintain a record of Lippitts. We are a staunch advocate in the preservation and protection of the Lippitt Morgan horse.

American Morgan Horse Association


The American Morgan Horse Association Inc. exists to preserve, promote, perpetuate the Morgan horse. Founded in 1909, the Morgan Horse Club (as it was then called) was formed to support the Morgan breed.

The Lippitt Club


To preserve the genetic purity and original type that have been achieved through inbreeding and line breeding the Lippitt Morgan. To improve, promote and perpetuate the Lippitt strain of Morgan. To cooperate with the AMHA, Inc. in promoting the Morgan. To provide a united voice and effort to support the Lippitt Morgan. To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among Lippitt Club members.

Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association


the purpose of this association is to preserve and promote the original Lippitt Morgan horse

B&T Performance Horses


offering specialized reproduction services personalized to each horse or client's unique needs.