OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

OakenHeart Lippitt  Morgans

Breeding quality full and half-Lippitt Morgan horses

2022 Breeding Contract

Please email laura@oakenheartmorgans.com for a current breeding contract. 

Our breeding season runs from May 1st through July 31st. 

Shipped semen requires a 24 hour notice

Mare care dry/wet is available on a limited basis, please book early if you are wanting mare care to ensure your space. 

2022 Breeding Contract

OakenHeart Lippitt Morgans LLC

Breeding Contract 2022

Mare Owner (or lessee) ________________________________________________________.

Address___________________________________________________________________ Phone______________________________ Email__________________________________

Mare’s registered name and barn name___________________________________________ Breed Registration number_____________________

Color ________ Dob (age)___________

Foaling history: ______________________________________________________________

Veterinarian name and phone number __________________________________________________________________________

Stallion chosen for this mare is ___________________________________Marana Olympus

Booking fee is $200.00: This fee is non-refundable and is to be sent in with this contract. This fee will be applied to the breeding fee at time of service of mare. In the case of multiple mare breedings to the same owner a special discount of 100.00 per additional mare will apply.

Stud service fee is $650 for Marana Olympus:

This fee is to be paid prior to collection of stallion

AI semen shipment $300.00 per shipment (payment will be made to stallion collection station prior to collecting the stallion)

Board -pay upon pickup of mare

Live Cover - We are not offering live cover for the 2022 season

Occasionally, we may offer to house mare so she can be AIed on site. 

● There is additional cost of mare care at the rate of $15.00 per day for dry mare, $17.00 per day for wet mare.

● Chute fee of $75/breeding cycle

● Should the results of two cycle breedings conclude that the mare is unlikely to settle or hold a breeding, the mare owner may use a substitute mare to gain a foal under the contract. This substitute mare may have the opportunity to settle by two cycle breedings.

● Any breedings past two cycles will be charged an additional 100.00 per cycle and is limited to a total of four cycles with this stud service.



● Mare’s last known date of onset of heat_______________date of end of heat_________

Artificial Insemination

● There is an additional cost of $300 collection/shipping fee per shipment processed through B&T Performance Horses, plus a $50 handling fee payable to OakenHeart Lippitt Morgans.

Two doses of verified fresh cooled semen will be sent. For purposes of this contract one dose of semen will contain 800 million sperm with at least 50% motility at collection time. The mare owner is then responsible for all facets of breeding the mare and agrees to comply with all related breeding requirements concerning the use and handling of cooled semen. The mare owner agrees to use his/her best efforts to perform insemination procedure within 24 hours, but not more than 48 hours after collection of semen from the Stallion. The mare owner agrees that an individual who is qualified and experienced in the use and handling of cooled semen will perform the insemination. (Should semen be used to settle an additional mare other than the one in contract, the mare owner agrees to send an additional stud fee for the second mare settled. That mare will then be included in the stud report and papers for the second foal may be obtained.)

● If the mare does not conceive on the second heat cycle, the mare must be cultured again and be negative for infection and proof of same be provided to the stallion owner before further shipments will be made. Veterinary clinic must provide

● Should the mare prove barren (not in foal) as determined by a licensed veterinary or professional examination or should the foal die at birth, the mare owner will send notice of such, signed by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of said determination. Additional shipments will be sent at the cost of $300.00 per shipment either for this mare or an approved substitute mare within the year of transaction or the following year. The stallion owner agrees that:

● The breeding fee guarantees a live standing foal. Such definition means a foal stands and nurses. If foal does not stand and nurse a licensed veterinarian shall determine the cause of death before additional semen shipments are sent or live cover arranged.

● Should the foal die because of injury or neglect, the stallion owner is under no further obligation in the matter. In all matters a Veterinarian report is required.

● Stallion owner agrees to show upon request semen quality assessment records taken regularly throughout the breeding season and at every shipment. The stallion owner and mare owner mutually agree:

● This contract is invalid unless completed in full by both parties designated in the above blanks.

● Should the above-named stallion die or become unfit for service or should the above mare die before being served (unless both parties agree to a substitute mare) this contract becomes null and void and the deposit refunded to the mare owner, except any previously incurred transporting or collection expenses plus reasonable expenses.

● The above mare will not be served through more than four estrous cycles during the entire breeding season as designated above.

● Live foal guarantee does not extend to mares over the age of 12.

● A Veterinarian Certificate of Reproductive History, statement of good reproductive status, and recent uterine cultures. Document must be within 30 days of breeding and include name, contact number, and address of veterinarian used. Permission must be given to the vet to speak with stallion owner about the mares records and health. Signed__________________________________ Mare Owner/Lessee, Date_________

Booking fee $ 200, non-refundable

Stud service $ 1000

AI collection/shipment $ 300 per collection (Payable to collection station)

AI collection handling fee $ 50 per collection (Payable to OakenHeart Lippitt Morgans)

Board ___________

Breeding total at time of contract. __________________

(check # ________, cash, PayPal, Venmo)

Signature of OakenHeart Lippitt Morgans LLC representative:_______________________________________ Date______

Signature of Mare Owner:________________________________


Brook Hill New Rendition will not be available for the 2022 Season.


Marana Olympus is available to be booked for the 2022 Breeding Season by shipped cooled semen to approved registered Morgan mares only.

Mares outside the Morgan breed will be considered on a case-by-case basis, booking by private treaty)

$200.00 Non refundable booking fee due at time of contract

$1000.00 Stud fee LFG

Fresh, cooled semen is available to be shipped  please inquire for collection and shipping costs